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New Concert Program Video by Duo Ueda Offermans

There is a new video of the Japanese/Dutch Duo Ueda Offermans presenting a summary of their concert program. The video includes Heike Monogatari, Genji-Monogatari, Tsuru-no-Sugomori, How to Survive in Paradise II and more. You can find the video here.

Duo Ueda Offermans in Olargues and Maury, France

Duo Ueda Offermans present a their acoustic duo concert at Iglesia de St Julien, Olargues on 14th June and Iglesia St Roch, Maury (France). The event is part of the 8ème Festival Les Troubadours Chantent l'Art Roman en Languedoc-Roussillon. The duo - by Junko Ueda (voice / biwa) and Wil Offermans on flutes - performs a program of their works as well as some traditional Japanese pieces, including Heike Monogatari, Genji Monogatari and Tsuru-no-Sugomori.

Japan Events in May 2013

Concert Poster of Tokyo recital with Junko Ueda
Shomyo Buddhist chanting workshop in Tokyo
Date & Time: May 17th 2013, 13:00 ~ 17:00
Location: Trunk Theatre Studio (Ryogoku / 1-4-5 Honjo Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
Map: Click here
Tickets: 2.500 yen (reserved), 3.000 yen (door)
Inquiries/Reservations: 03-3624-5120 (Trunk Theatre Studio)

Concert - New Music // Convergences with Poetry. Junko Ueda performs two pieces by Canadian composer Daryl Jamieson
- On love to be Endured (biwa & voice solo) world premier
- Dawn Prayers (koto, shakuhachi, biwa & two voices)
Date & Time: May 19th, 2013, 14:00
Location: Tokyo National Museum, Kujokan (Ueno)
Tickets: 2.500 yen (reserved), 3.000 yen (door)
Inquiries/Reservations: Click here
Performers: Shunko Mise (violin); Nobutaka Yoshizawa (koto); Mika Kimura (voice); Christopher Yohmei (shakuhachi); Junko Ueda (biwa/voice)

Solo Recital at World Museum in Rotterdam

Concert Poster of the solo recital by Junko Ueda at World Museum Rotterdam
On the 17th March 2013 Sunday, Ueda gives her solo recital at World Museum in Rotterdam, performing Shomyo Buddhist chanting and biwa traditional Heike-Monogatari music. This concert takes place in occasion of the exhibition "Samurai" at the museum and is organized by Palmyra Productions.

concert: 14:30-15:30
- meet & greet (with food and drinks): 15:30-16:15
- guided tour through the expo "Samurai": 16:15-17:15

For more information and ticket reservation, you can find at the homepage of World Museum Rotterdam.

Some Upcoming Concerts

  • March 17 2013: Solo recital at Wereld Museum in Rotterdam, Holland
  • May 19 2013: Performing two pieces composed by Canadian composer Daryl Jamieson at National Museum in Tokyo, Japan
  • June 14 2013: Duo Ueda-Offermans at Iglesia de St Julien, Olargues, France*
  • June 15 2013: Duo Ueda-Offermans at Iglesia St Roch, Maury, France*
  • August 24 2013: Duo Ueda-Offermans at Iglesia Ntre. Dame de Riquer, Catllar, France*. (*=8ème Festival Les troubadours chantent l'art roman en Languedoc-Roussillon, France)

New double CD "Erkos" and "Galaxies" released

Erkos-Galaxies CD cover
Hors Territoires in Paris, France has just released a new double-CD (CD-HT 17 & 18) with two compositions by the French composer Jean-Claude Eloy, performed by Junko Ueda, satsuma-biwa and voice. Recorded by Radio-France at Festival of the 38e Rugissants, Grenoble, 1996. This double-CD can be ordered at: http://www.metamkine.com
  • CD 1: ERKOS Texts extracted from the Devî-Upanishad and the Devî-Mâhâtmya (in Sanskrit). electro-acoustic realization: Studio für Elektronische Musik, Westdeutscher Rundfunk WDR, Cologne, performed by Junko Ueda (Satsuma-Biwa, Voice); Jean-Claude Eloy (sound projection)
  • CD 2: GALAXIES, with the vocal solo « …Kono yo no hoka… » (…This world beyond…), poems : Izumi Shikibu, Chiyojo (in Japanese), electro-acoustic realization: Sweelinck Conservatorium, Amsterdam - Technische Universität, Berlin, performed by Junko Ueda (Voice); Jean-Claude Eloy (sound projection)

Solo Recital at Música Intima, Lleida, Spain

Concert Poster of the solo recital by Junko Ueda at Música Intima - Músiques del Món, Lleida, Spain
On the 11th November 2012 at 19:00, Junko Ueda performs shomyo chanting and traditional biwa music at L’Església Romànica de Sant Martí in Lleida, Spain, in the concert series Música Intima - Músiques del Món. The program includes:
  1. Taiyô (Tendai-shomyo)
  2. Dan-no-Ura (traditional biwa music)
  3. Yoshitsune (traditional biwa music)
  4. Gion-Shôja.(traditional biwa music)

Semana Cultural del Japón, Salamanca, Spain

Duo Ueda Offermans performs in the yearly festival “Semana Cultural del Japón’ in Salamanca, Spain on the 20th March 2012. The program includes:
- Tsuru-no-Sugomori, flute solo
- Heike-Monogatari, biwa & flute arrangement
- Amenimo-makezu, poem by Kenji Miyazawa, biwa & voice
- Inner Voices, voice & Thumpy flute
- Murasaki-no-Ue, Genji Monogatari, biwa/voice & flute

On the 21st March, Ueda gives “Gion-Shoja singing workshop” (traditional biwa singing) at the University of Salamanca.

Christmas Concert 2011 in Saitama, Japan

Duo Ueda/Offermans gives three Christmas Concert in Saitama prefecture. The flute ensemble Piachere (led by Kotato Flute company) joins with the concert. The duo performs Japanese traditional biwa music Dan-no-Ura & Gion-Shoja, which is arranged for biwa, voice and flute by the duo.
• December 22, 2011 at Health & Welfare Centre, Kuki-shi, Saitama, Japan
• December 23, 2011 at Kuki Culture Centre, Kuki-shi, Saitama, Japan
• December 24, 2011 at Miyoshi Culture Centre, Miyoshi-machi, Saitama, Japan

Duo Ueda/Offermans concert at Schunk* in Heerlen, Holland

On October 26 2011, the Duo Ueda/Offermans performed at Schunk* in Heerlen, Holland in the series of Newsical Experience, with coorganized by November Music in Den Bosch, Holland. The program included: Tsuru-no-Sugomori (Wil Offermans flute solo), Voyage (Junko Ueda for biwa & tape by Tôru Takemitsu) and How to Survive in Paradise II (Junko Ueda voice & Wil Offermans flutes, live-electronics). Of the last piece you can see a video below (original length about 29 minutes).

"How to Survive in Paradise II (composed in 1990 in Singapore by Wil Offermans) images a science-fictional paradise, where a pleasant, lush and peaceful life in harmony with nature is gradually eroded by mankind, its actions, restlessness and curiosity.”

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