BiwaVocab for Satsuma-Biwa

Sound Information System by Junko Ueda


Below you will find various samples of arpeggio techniques. To perform an arpeggio in traditional music, the strings are pluck in one down stroke movement. However in the contemporary vocabulary, we can also encounter arpeggios on an up stroke.

Up stroke arpeggio

Fuchi Arpeggio on up stroke
An up stroke arpeggio with the side-edge ('Fuchi') of the Bachi.
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Fuchi Arpeggio on up stroke: sample 1
A fragment from ‘Passacaglia’, composed by Keiko Harada, demonstrating the above mentioned arpeggio.
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Fuchi Arpeggio on up stroke: sample 2
A fragment from ‘Eclipse’, composed by Tôru Takemitsu, demonstrating another way of use of the above mentioned arpeggio. Additionally you can hear a Single Suri on the 4th string pulled-up.
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Arpeggio on new note combinations
While the arpeggio in the traditional music is performed on a limited combination of the notes and only on a down stroke, here you can listen some samples of a wider combination of notes on both down as well as up strokes.
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